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Press release and the history about A.Lundgren

A.Lundgren (Andreas Lundgren born 1969) released his first album produced by Torsten Larsson who gave "Soundtrack of our lives" aswell as "Stonefunkers" and more their sound and more. Lundgren has a close friendly and creative relationship that took of 1998 when Lundgren got signed by a publisher than at BMG PUBLISHING and had a deal with Edel Records.


The first album was done and released 1998 under the band name "Geary" with the title "green loafers & husky freaks". The album got good feedback from Swedish media but when Edel wanted to show the band with a commercial deal, where the band should perform in yellow jackets by a well known brand Lundgren said no.  The collaboration stopped. When later BMG was sold into Universal he stopped having any conversations with Universal publishing scandinavia. But the recordings went on with Torsten and the album "Grande Coctail Magic" was released together with an exhibition of the two at a full house in Gothenburg 2000. The albums was limited to 1000. The same album was this year re released with "Grande Coctail Magic (harbour happiness 73) at another exhibition had in late april at the Gothia towers artgallery and was broadcasted by swedish radio.

2008 The album "Bad buddah" was released and recorded in Gothenburg and in Scotland with fiddles and more outside a buddhist temple where the two had mushrooms for the first time and the talking that goes on by Lundgren & Larsson, Larsson put in between each song of the album. The songs recorded was not done under the influence of anything more than joy though.

2012 "Lovely Dream" was released this time recorded by Christian Silver.

2020 The first Swedish album "Sluta Aldrig Älska" (keep on lovin) was released together with "Alcoholic Cowboy" and was well met by some Swedish media.

A. Lundgren's music has not yet been seen or in anyway promoted at all until this very day. It is unknown to the world still but appreciated by its authentic vibes by those who knows about his music. Lundgren has for 20 years been a subject of a great deal of personal suffering and harsch times judged by wrongfullness that took his rights as a human being away and have been an object of organised crime. He still fights missed by authoritys and stopped from being able to get the word of his music out there, it's an particulary interesting story but it is not anything that has stopped the love for being a creative man, on the contrary, It has given more to him a long the road and he met tibetan buddhism and have had skillfull teachers in the tibetan school of the Kagye-lineage been able to not become anything else more than a greater smile. So it is time for this undiscovered music to get out there.

It is music inspired by trips around the world where Tibet and the United States has been by roadtrips and with the meetings with all kinds of people his inspiration.

Lundgren is not bothered by what people thinks about the production more happy if it brings good vibes to the listener.


So with all the best wishes from him I proudly as a close wife of his hope that this appreciation of being seen the thankfulness of being a songwriter/artist he is now looking for airtime media aswell as maybe a new lable anywhere with good intentions is free to be signed with 6 albums in the mix.

Best regards/ Angelica Lundgren

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